Daily Stock of Motorola,Symbol, Vocollect, Denso, Intermec, Zebra

Hi Everyone,
Below you can find our daily stock of items to sell and buy
We are currently selling: 



3x MC9190-G30SWEQA6WR-
1x MC9190-G30SWJQA6WR-
3x MC9190-G90SWEQA6WR-
3x MC9190-G90SWEYA6WR-
1x MC9190-GJ0SWEYA6WR-
40x VCD5500-1000R-
14x AP-6532-66030-US
400 x MC3090S-IC28HBAGER
44x ES405
49x MC9596-KCAEE00100
49x VCD9500-100R
49x 25-116365-01R



1x WT4090-N2H1GER-
1x WT4090-N2S0GER-
1x WT4090-T2S1GER-
9x WT41N0-N2H27ER-
3x WT41N0-N2H27ER-N
2x WT41N0-N2S27ER-
3x WT41N0-T2S27ER-
150x LS4005-E000
100x PDT3100 21 key units can be converted to 46 key
15x WT4090-T2S1GER Symbol WT4090 Wearable Computer with Touchscreen, 2-Color Keypad, 128/128MB, Windows CE 5.0 Pro


40x Vocollect T5 / TT-700 hand hel


1000 + DENSO BHT8000 



90x NEW Intermec 241X 069472-004 Keypad Assy, Numberic, 37 Keys
60x  NEW Intermec 241X 069471-005 Keypad Assy, Alpha/Numberic, 55 Keys
24x  NEW Intermec 715-481-003 Handle Assy, w/Top Cover/ Gasket/Win, SR61
120x  NEW Intermec 236-065-001 Cable Vchicle Power, PB42
36x  NEW Intermec 852-060-105 Color 700 Quad Battery Pack Charger,AC16
76x  NEW Intermec 851-089-002 ITE Power Supply, 074246
160x NEW Intermec 590123c Cable, Serial, 9 Pin, 6′
20x  NEW Intermec 852-064-001 AC13, Quad Charger
274x NEW Intermec 852-052-201 Auto Adapter, RoHS
190x NEW Intermec 075121-001 BEZEL ASSY,52-KEY,3270/5250 TE,CK31
4x NEW Intermec 852-906-003 AC3 8-Slot Battery Charger
1x NEW Intermec 852-914-002 Charger, Quad, CK32, I-Safe, AC11
10x NEW Intermec 851-089-205 Power Supply, 5V, 3.6A Universal RoHS, AE26
50x NEW Intermec 346-311-001 Sharp 3.5″ LCD LQ035Q7DB05M
1x NEW Intermec 852-908-001 Model SR61, 4 Bay Charger
12x NEW Intermec 852-071-001 Vehicle Power AdapterCN70/CN70e/CK70/CK71
20x NEW Intermec 3-131059-51-00 EV15 Demo Kit, Scan Eng, Demo BD
66x NEW Intermec 9745C07104 MicroBar 9745 Base Station
240x NEW Intermec 714-574-001 700 Touchpanel, Resistive,27mm
31x NEW Intermec 851-061-306 External Power Supply, AE18

We are currently Looking for :

10-20x Zebra QL320 any new in box config (preferably bluetooth) 


10-20x Symbol PPT8860-R3BZ000


100x PPT88XX used battery door covers (standard size)


Please let me know your requirement :

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